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Website Design Somerset

Who do we design websites for?

You might think that the obvious answer to this question is our clients. However, you would be wrong. We create websites for potential customers and clients who will be visiting these websites. If you were wondering what the difference is perhaps a good example in another sphere of business will make it clearer, and that is a set of sales particulars issued by an estate agent for a property they are selling. Have you ever read a set of details for a property and thought that it sounded like the perfect new home for you, only to be disappointed when you have arrived and discovered that it comes up short in so many areas?
The immediate reaction is to blame the estate agent for an excessive use of flowery descriptions and creating what can only be described as a false impression of the property in question. In truth, sales particulars are written for home owners as the plain and simple truth is that if estate agents were totally accurate and honest with their description of a property, the chances are they would get fired by their client.

When it comes to website design, Somerset is where we are based but we design websites for clients throughout the UK. However, we don’t design them for our clients, we design them on behalf of our clients and that is the difference. We don’t need to sell a product or service to our client because they already believe in them and, as a consequence, sometimes what they want for a website design is what appeals to them rather than those the website is actually being created for.

Here at Website Design Somerset we enjoy taking the time to explain every element of a website and why the design and layout is as it is. Considerable research has gone in to the effectiveness of certain elements of a website, even down to establishing eye patterns, understanding what captures the focus of a reader and also the most important areas of a web page. By this we don’t necessarily mean the content but more the best place on a webpage to insert the most important content.

With the trend today for more people to access websites via their smartphones, website design has become even more critical. Powerful and effective imagery is taking the place of words and visitors to a website don’t want to be confronted with reams of copy that is difficult to read because of the size of a smartphone’s screen. As modern technology has continual influence on the way we access information, so websites have to adapt accordingly. As a result, a good website designer not only needs to have an artistic flair and an aptitude for creating a visually appealing website, but they also need to be a bit of a scientist, mathematician and psychologist to know what will work best.

To discover just how effective a website we can design for you please feel free to contact us at any time and we will be more than pleased to help here at Website Design Somerset.